Bullying in a Modern Era

We have been raised not to condone or tolerate bullying; we are individuals preserved with self-respect, dreams, and attitude to make a difference in this world. In life we endure all sorts of characters those who have goals, those who learn from others and those who chase substance, sadly, then there are those who have no idea what it is they are seeking.

Precious moments are the trust, sovereignty, morals, values, and ideals. It is the kindness, growth and mainly substance appreciating that we are all different, we all have a gift in life; be it sport, entertaining, writing and so forth or just simply the ability to value others.

It’s the lack of precious moments through negative visions; disillusioned existence and most of all trying to impress others to fit into a group or circle that makes you feel part of a team to satisfy the need to belong. Reality has it if you feel you need to be a bully, to fit in; to be appreciated or to be accepted, then your basis for survival skills is in need of substantial rehabilitation. What makes a friendship is the strength to build others up, hold them close, catch them when they are falling and never be part of a team that will only create a sad and lonely path. The rewards are much more gratuitous and satisfying knowing you have contributed to a person’s success and future.

Our words can be sharp, they can hurt, or they can melt someone’s, heart. Choose them wisely it may be harder to take them back. Sometimes we have to bite our tongue and then there are those we have to stand our ground! You are well balanced to know that life and love, work and play along with our intuition; our feelings make our lives a better world! It’s a choice! Pick the one that builds your character and not trashes your integrity.

Know who you are, why you are here and be proud to be that particular person who doesn’t seek the acceptance by friends who pressure you into doing things that truly aren’t you. Goodness is being that individual knowing you are true to you and those who surround you. A basis for any relationship, be it your family, friends, workplace, community or various life experiences. Life and its diplomacy have its domino effects you will appreciate this quote by myself that reaffirms our natural ability to stand up for our own beliefs!

“The bureaucracy of a panjandrum mind dreams to allude the Congress of a nation. Fortunately, it’s the pendulous reality that balances our sagacity to control the jurisdiction of judicial inclination”.

Our freedom to speak will never set a jurisdiction for what’s right and what belongs to future generations – our children. It’s about the freedom to choose, to speak, to learn, to educate, to influence a bigger power or at least the upper hand belongs to us the people. All in all, bullying is not tolerated or accepted by anyone you are wise and vigorous enough to reach out and seek support! Bullying in a modern era has given us so many avenues to find a support network that will always guide you to reality and that special smile.

We are fortunate to live in an era that offers support such as the National Center Against Bullying and know that we aren’t alone.

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