Are We Our Parents?


Disappointment comes in all shapes and forms, being let down by the people we love, the ability to fade in others eyes, holding onto hope that seems only to be an inner wish and the risk we take as hope is the only faith we have. It is a reflection of that inner pain that seems to bight as you keep holding onto that tiny flame left in you as you give life 100 per cent. Do we honestly give life 100 per cent?

We were born to be the best we can be, compete and challenge that inner soul and learn from it the true riches in life. We are raised with best intentions, as our parents only wanted the best for us. The same way we live and strive for the best in our children and of course, tomorrow nature only passes those same magnetic feelings, as our children raise children of their own.

Growing Up


As toddlers, the end of the world to us was when we were being put to bed at 7 pm, not allowed to stay up with the grown ups. We would pull cheeky faces as soda drinks and lollies were just a big fat no, and Jack isn’t allowed to come over to play today because we refused to brush our teeth and eat the broccoli. Gosh didn’t we think we had a terrible life?

Transitioning from a child to a teenager was a whole new ballgame altogether. Now that was a chaotic mess of its own accord. The mood swings, the rebellious tantrums, the sneaky and cheeky actions and never being satisfied with just about anything. Wait for it, the best is yet to come – the notion of course that our parents don’t understand us, or appreciate what we were going through? Little did our programmed teenage minds know that our parents knew what they were doing and where we were heading, after all, they were a teenager once too.

It’s when you step into the real world that we start to wish we were that toddler again. As we are faced with real life issues from the very moment, we are given the right to vote, drink at bars, drive a car and forced to join the millions of others around the world in the workforce as we begin to take responsibility for the never ending bills in life. Who needs that Gucci handbag when we can’t seem to pay our rent and the concept of owning your own home, well that fairy-tale belonged to the generations before us. It’s a real struggle getting food on the table and just pretending to lead a normal life. Who are we kidding?

Once we have got a grip on the routine of our financials, you would think it suddenly stops there right? Wrong! Now we have to master the game of real life psychology, as we face a roller coaster of different emotions, new sense of responsibility and sensibility and dreams. As we fall in love with our Prince Charming while all else fades into the distance, as we dream about a life of romance, wining and dining, sexual pleasure and before we know it even a family of our very own.

Are you exhausted? You and me both.

So we finally tie the knot alluded to our expectations of what marriage should be, that life is bliss and we couldn’t be more blessed if we tried. Just wait until those tiny feet and cheeky smiles join you in the back seat of your car. Grinning back at you, as you suddenly have an epiphany that you have been cloned all over again and that oh sugar (just to be polite) moment as you realize life has just set us a new challenge altogether. New rules and new ideas suddenly come into play.


As your children grow into little people, through their eyes, we take ourselves back to the days where that was us and how we couldn’t be further from the truth as we softly chuckle at all those embarrassing moments we presented as a child. What the hell were we thinking? Our patience as parents become the game of thrones, there should be an award for the ability to learn how to count to 10 and learning to multitask should honestly be a Bachelor Degree in itself don’t you think?

So, this is how our parents did it, no wonder they picked up the habit of drinking after 5 pm and chain-smoking every chance they got and visiting the toilet more often than necessary. We were downright rascals, divas, and just spoilt little brats. Bless them. Have we suddenly just stepped into those big shoes, as we become them – our parents? You know the ones who had no idea what we were faced with or going through as we grow up?

The Real Deal

Life is more than the thousands of years of generational deja vu for routine and Brown Hog Day. It becomes more than dealing with the steps we take as we learn to crawl, walk and finally run. Different situations and events in our lifetime present us with unique challenges. As we become those parents dealing with the same issues in a modern world we are met with heartache as we watch our aging parents become more and more fragile as age becomes their trip to even more pain and suffering.

Some of us will watch our parents struggle with illness, as we feel helpless and others will visit their parents in an old people home. Many will be fortunate to keep their sanity as they continue to be independent while still having the ability to lead a normal aging life as per-say, not taking away that it’s not all roses. These new feelings become a part of us as we see our future in the not so far distance.

We find ourselves learning to find coping mechanisms that teach and guide us to deal with the past, the present and the future. It is all real and humble; new beginnings become our goals as we learn to appreciate that a blessing is a gift to learn, live, laugh and cry. The gift to teach, mentor and dream. It is the ability to spread our wings, as we become the book of life. It is our free ticket for making history, leaving our mark – better than any theme park right?

We start to see life and people, animals and technology, nature and world politics, the economy and security in a different light. It is our chance to be a part of the future, we were already here, it’s the aura we leave behind that signifies a difference and substance in our great grand children, perhaps we won’t ever get the opportunity to meet.

Our ancestors knew, they stumbled on what we all eventually realize. We live in a different timeline along with the innovation of science, engineering, and medicine. However, as advanced as 2017 may be, we have the same goals of our ancestor’s thousands of years ago – to make a difference and to bring world peace for our children as we fight the powerful people, the power they enjoy from the people, but not necessarily for the people.

In all honesty, you and I have a responsibility to future generations, so pick up that attitude that’s in the all too hard box and make that mark in this lifetime. Hard work reaps fruition, rewards follow and suddenly you are part of a world changing history as you are content that you have given it your best shot and that’s all that matters.

As we watch our children grow into adults with families of their own, thank your parents for persisting to guide, nurture and mentor you into our own children’s heroes as our parents become our quiet heroes.

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