Tempting Fate: Charity Anthology Benefitting Cancer Research Institute

Tempting Fate: Cancer Anthology Benefitting Cancer Research Institute

17 Authors Raising Funds for the Cancer Research Institute

**All proceeds will benefit Cancer Research Institute.

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Release 1 June 2018


Sometimes in life, something happens that will not only affect you, it will create a ripple effect, encompassing your family and friends. Hope will help you to overcome and survive, but your life and outlook are forever changed.

This collection of stories is about overcoming obstacles, surviving when it seemed hard or impossible, and dealing with life-changing events.

Essentially Australian Romance Anthology

Essentially Australian Romance Anthology

12 Australian Authors Showcasing Aussie Contemporary Romance

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Release 1 July 2018


A Soliloquy of Magnetic Dreams



Different stages in our lifetime adapt to a mindset we seem to prequel as we move with time, social mentality, the flavor of the month and algorithms that provoke ongoing questions we never appear to qualify. We place day to day jargon in our mastery of the highlights that surround us at the time of individual events, milestones, and eye-opening circumstances that kick-start that inner voice we tend to ignore on a daily basis. We are brainwashed emotionally and unethically of the bazaar keynotes that greet us as we fail to recognize their underpinning factors or worse misunderstand the truth of what seems to be happening in the world.

We carry with sentiment as each of us stems from an offset of different pathways that somehow all meet at a local meeting point as we meet and greet unknowingly even though our worlds apart find ethos as we rub a stranger’s arm. I call it the navigation of pragmatic consequences that deem our uniqueness, although somewhat original, yet somewhat relatable as we connect through each and everyone’s story of life experience, lessons learned and new dreams. We are unwittingly swayed to integrate this knowledge as we reform in different stages unknowingly shaping our future and fate.

I am a strong believer that every person on earth plays a pivotal role in the direction of our world and our universe as there are no rules that define juxtaposition or imperial evidence the future that awaits. Truth is although many would disagree our creation and destination are shaped by the energy we are attracted to – a laser of light that impounds majestically within us, some call it our soul. I believe our soul lights our path and it carries us as we re-energize its strength to stay alive and bountiful towards each significant leap during our short stay on earth.

We can trace our ancestors, and historical footsteps as the philosophers of the world recreate heaven on earth or wisdom and soul purpose as each of us believe in our chosen miracles we decide to surrender our heart and soul emphasizing our very existence as the reason we walk on this earth.

We can recruit, teach, develop, lead, and opt to fly, but to genuinely claim a sound understanding of the magnetic fields we are magnified by as we each follow a direction created by choice to support ourselves. I have so much to say yet few will ever grasp the depth of the reality that question who we are. It’s not even about religion, the universe or the choice to be a quiescent soul.

It’s about the way we all fit in and shapes our world and the energy we leave as we all meet with that one single guarantee in life – the day we close our eyes. We have set footprints on the moon and created harvest on earth. We embraced history and embarked on innovation yielding the power we tend on being governed. We are somewhat a generational lesson as knowledge empowers the next generation of men, women, and children that become the elite key influences of life. We are a simple race as the notes of laziness to think, the effort to build and rebuild, let alone create as our insecurities overrule the truth of who we are.

Some will drive their energy to be the best they can be, and others will host on manifestation as empaths find their soliloquy. The Devine wisdom of the past finds its place in our plight to repair the diversion set upon modern challenges and the growth of greed. One thing we know is that the choices of our methodology recreated by each of us will always determine the gift only recognized by those who find that energy as they feel their uniqueness in this world and our time we are here.

Believe in your aspirations don’t stop now. You can be whoever you choose to be, just make sure you do it from the heart. Empowering your senses to challenge your ethics is the start of a journey that only you will ever have the power to make a difference in your destination and the legacy you leave.


The Ingredients of Life and Love

Written by Jasmina Siderovskibook-1945499__340

I once said, "The best support you could ever offer someone is to simply keep it real." I still stand by that quote. As you grow if you are anything like me, restless and never at peace (tiresome and drives you nuts), then you will appreciate that the real in our lives is not exactly clear-cut as we think.

I am married to an intelligent soul, a person who is driven and enjoys a challenge and has studied and worked extremely hard to be where he is. He is an individual who knows what he wants in life, very stable and passionate and in all honesty as real as you can be. There are certainly no grey areas and what you see is what you get. You either love him for his naiveness or hate him for calling it out. He has taught me more about myself than I could ever know. Now they say that opposites attract – and how true that is at times.

Unlike him, straight and direct, I am soft and open. I don’t like to judge and am a great listener. I care about those who enter my heart, and for those of you, that know me will stand by my vibes. I tend to hold back and process first before I open my mouth.

Let me tell you a little secret. I used to be once very insecure. I feared the world and would hide trying hard not to be noticed and hopefully stay under the radar. On the outside, I was shy and quiet, but on the inside, I was different. I loved to read; Einstein was my hero, music was my soul, the animals around me were my friends and always curious almost about anything and everything. I loved to write and write all night. I loved to connect with my pen pals (no social media back then) from around the world, especially the ones that lived in poverty, in third world countries. It was them that I seemed to connect to the most. I loved fashion, and I loved the news, I would watch it on every channel, and I loved being with myself because I was the only one who understood me. So I thought. Anyone relate?

No one knew who I was and what I was like because I would never let anyone in, entirely a learning curve of my own. I blocked everyone out, as I feared to fail to be perfect. The sun in my stars for those that believe, perhaps, wasn't quite ready for me to be free; maybe I was just at an age with too many questions not asked. Either way, I was someone even I didn’t know at the time.

It got worse as young as my twenties; I started to question my direction. Was it family or was it the world of art, culture, and the unknown that I should choose. Am I comfortable with marriage and a family, culture, religion, and traditions or do I owe it to myself to travel hoping to learn, see and find what it is that I may be looking for?

I now appreciate that it’s the imperfection in our lives, to let nature do its thing and guide us the best way it knows how. Despite how we feel and the questions in our head. Age, perhaps, is the level of experience we are lived by and exposed. It's our barrier, and weakness as some of us mature faster, and the rest take our time. Neither is right or wrong, everyone shapes when it is time.

I married the most amazing person when I was 26, (I know now) after eight years of getting to know each other, we setup our lives not aware that we were grooming the other and working out this thing called love. In all honesty, we had each other; there was no rush to set it in stone. When you are comfortable and not even aware of it, you tend to make some rational choices and not be as impulsive. For us, it was about creating a future based on the truth. We just had no idea that this is what we were doing at the time. Today, we realise it certainly was a bonus being different personalities so unlike, it gave us identity, and we became ‘him’ and ‘her,’ rather than ‘them,’ ‘his’ or ‘hers.’

I believe it all created a balance and fine-tuned our reasons for being attracted to each other. Together, we set up a third personality – the creation of black and white set in colour. No, it's not meant to make sense at all. As we combined respect and core over the years, this steered us in different directions that affirmed substance how we set out to achieve our goals. It taught us that we both have quality and lead unique lives.

Naturally, as you build your future, you bring more to the table, a career, children and a vision that eventually becomes your dream. Now back to this realist in my life who keeps me challenged in more ways than one, I have as an eclectic, learned to balance the colours and the black and white in life.

As you grow with love, heartache, fear, and disappointment, success, prosperity, milestones, and struggles you do reach a point where you analyse deeper what it is that build your wealth, your stability, and your home. You form priorities, purpose and a plan to achieve what our parents have taught us as the right thing to do. Suddenly, your interpretation of beauty and the beast are a methodology that teaches you patience and how to tame the impatience in life. In fact, you finally work out that this thing called love and life it isn’t clear-cut at all.

Wow, this becomes even more confusing as we now take note that not everyone thinks as we do. Suddenly, the world is enormous. We feel minuscule as we question the level of our worth compared to those who seem to have it all and achieved what appears to be more real than we ever will be. Does this mean that you give up and accept that we may have it all wrong? Is it time to convert and integrate with the sheep? No offense intended mind you, just a generalisation how our life may seem from outside of the norm.

Confidence and stability become a little more inviting as we figure out how to pay our bills. However, with it, we find that in the real world, we are challenged to perform. To grow, apparently as an individual and rise with our mentors, targets, and growth, as it becomes all about stigma, status and competition, dexterity and wit and our ticket for paying for our food; we certainly can't argue with that.

As patience is wearing weak and you become comfortable with the challenge you set yourself, to discover what the truth is? The Phoenix rises to the challenge that society has defined.

Welcome to the rat race, the peer pressure of survival in an expensive life. How is this your chance to make it a little more sublime and bringing your deck of cards to the game of life?

Over time, for those who probably relate to me perhaps in some aspects and not all – no two souls were ever meant to be the same. You find that you start to listen. That voice you ignored because you feared that the realists in this world would make a mockery of your thoughts. As the suit and tie so to speak, as each profession is unique. White collar they are branded I believe, look down on you because the glitter and sparkle you might introduce in the colour palette of life belong in ‘la la land’ and are not in line with the rules of education, research and stability.

To me, real is appreciating that I have a voice and it counts. Real is watching others struggle in a world that is so different for so many people. Real is learning traits from both those who have made it and those who stepped back, neither a success nor a failure. We are all different, and we learn from each other. Real is acknowledging that people are people, as we appreciate all individuals. It is stepping into the world that belongs to all of us and not just the ones who feel superior because apparently, they worked it out. Real is nature and the animal kingdom we love. They have both shared earth the same time as us, correction they were here before us.

Real is the politics in our lives, the challenges and hard work, the criticism and the questions, building our countries in a world economy so competitive and disrespectful? Real is the music that artists encourage us to feel as they bring us together and unite us in life. Real is the art in our lives, the colours, the passion, the expressions and the art of life. Real is the generation we live in, 2017 that soon will leave.

Real are the love and the lack of being loved. Real is family, the strangers we may be. Real is our children who were once you and me. Real is traveling and different cultures that bring wealth in gifts from their ancestors. Real is the education to appreciate the past and help tomorrow along. Real is disease and illness, research and innovation, technology and social media, science and the universe. It is all of it, the struggles and the poverty, the limelight and making history. Real is discovery and emotions and life. Real is you and I.

To me bringing the balance of sorting the priorities in my life combined with the beauty to be alive, the uncertainty, the emotions and that it’s okay to feel lost. It is all of this and more. Hence, when I see a realist, I respect them because that's who they are. My real is perhaps one filled with questions that may never have an answer. The fact that being able to step up and say I am real, I don't know how it all works. I am learning, and I am trying my best to be a mother, a wife, and a mentor.

Next time, you step out and fear to be you, trust your energy. You have the right to expression and your thoughts. Don’t let anyone, or any company, life coach or mentor teach you what and how. Absorb their values, process their knowledge, acknowledge their success, respect their position and take what will be the reality in your life. Use it to teach them how together it all forms a mould. You learn from them, the power of the mind. They learn from us that they were once us.

Connecting to different groups of people and networks, different goals, different dreams, different aspirations, and uniqueness is maybe a start. However, learning to respect that we are individuals and not a number, a commodity or profit. Recognizing our values and our visions, success and our setbacks. Recognizing our right to say how we feel and listen.

Most of all – It is the respect that we are all engineered to perform at our own pace, which defines REAL.

To the one in my heart, that seems shell-shocked how I dare see life this way? The one that society appears to acknowledge as aspiring, successful and having your head "screwed on." After 26 years, it's rather interesting that you have stuck by the colorful like me? I guess it goes both ways, which proves the importance of sharing each other’s dream. So, maybe real is that we bounce off each other and keep us both in line. It is consistent I think, with society too as all the mirage of personalities create this place we call earth.

When you listen to what's not said and hear its message so loud, you may open your world to so much more than even you may be ready. Perhaps even a prodigy of yourself. Don't fear what comes across as gospel; it's a reflection of control and assurance cementing stability and protocol. Or is perhaps protocol in truth the secret code of security attracting knowledge and awareness from the tiny fish in the sea that could never work out why they could never climb a tree.

"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid." – Albert Einstein

It is the respect – that we are all engineered to perform at our own pace, which defines a realist. The aim of a race is about winning indeed. I'm just a little confused since when did my life become a race?



Are We Our Parents?


Disappointment comes in all shapes and forms, being let down by the people we love, the ability to fade in others eyes, holding onto hope that seems only to be an inner wish and the risk we take as hope is the only faith we have. It is a reflection of that inner pain that seems to bight as you keep holding onto that tiny flame left in you as you give life 100 per cent. Do we honestly give life 100 per cent?

We were born to be the best we can be, compete and challenge that inner soul and learn from it the true riches in life. We are raised with best intentions, as our parents only wanted the best for us. The same way we live and strive for the best in our children and of course, tomorrow nature only passes those same magnetic feelings, as our children raise children of their own.

Growing Up
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Bullying in a Modern Era

We have been raised not to condone or tolerate bullying; we are individuals preserved with self-respect, dreams, and attitude to make a difference in this world. In life we endure all sorts of characters those who have goals, those who learn from others and those who chase substance, sadly, then there are those who have no idea what it is they are seeking.

Precious moments are the trust, sovereignty, morals, values, and ideals. It is the kindness, growth and mainly substance appreciating that we are all different, we all have a gift in life; be it sport, entertaining, writing and so forth or just simply the ability to value others.

It’s the lack of precious moments through negative visions; disillusioned existence and most of all trying to impress others to fit into a group or circle that makes you feel part of a team to satisfy the need to belong. Reality has it if you feel you need to be a bully, to fit in; to be appreciated or to be accepted, then your basis for survival skills is in need of substantial rehabilitation. What makes a friendship is the strength to build others up, hold them close, catch them when they are falling and never be part of a team that will only create a sad and lonely path. The rewards are much more gratuitous and satisfying knowing you have contributed to a person’s success and future.

Our words can be sharp, they can hurt, or they can melt someone’s, heart. Choose them wisely it may be harder to take them back. Sometimes we have to bite our tongue and then there are those we have to stand our ground! You are well balanced to know that life and love, work and play along with our intuition; our feelings make our lives a better world! It’s a choice! Pick the one that builds your character and not trashes your integrity.

Know who you are, why you are here and be proud to be that particular person who doesn’t seek the acceptance by friends who pressure you into doing things that truly aren’t you. Goodness is being that individual knowing you are true to you and those who surround you. A basis for any relationship, be it your family, friends, workplace, community or various life experiences. Life and its diplomacy have its domino effects you will appreciate this quote by myself that reaffirms our natural ability to stand up for our own beliefs!

“The bureaucracy of a panjandrum mind dreams to allude the Congress of a nation. Fortunately, it’s the pendulous reality that balances our sagacity to control the jurisdiction of judicial inclination”.

Our freedom to speak will never set a jurisdiction for what’s right and what belongs to future generations – our children. It’s about the freedom to choose, to speak, to learn, to educate, to influence a bigger power or at least the upper hand belongs to us the people. All in all, bullying is not tolerated or accepted by anyone you are wise and vigorous enough to reach out and seek support! Bullying in a modern era has given us so many avenues to find a support network that will always guide you to reality and that special smile.

We are fortunate to live in an era that offers support such as the National Center Against Bullying and know that we aren’t alone.

Always in Our Heart

In memory of the angels that walk among us.

The world is, in essence, a beautiful place, it showers us with love, hope, and peace that reminds each and all of us just how blessed we truly are. Love is an epiphany of what is so right and how true it can be. Smiles are a reflection of the joy we feel as we bring life and hope.

Negativity surrounds us all, day in day out, where ever we turn, and it is one’s determination not to feed negative emotions reflected by the dissolution of precedence that embarks a crazy world. Instead, we can highlight the beautiful memories many have shared with these beautiful souls and until we understand tears, loss, appreciate peace and believe in the goodness we will never be free of the emotional roller coaster besotted by a disillusioned group.

We are united in love and strengthened in hope, and as humanity, we are guided by goodness and will keep teaching our young ones that we are in this together. Fear is not our way of life, nor is it part of who we are. Fear is not our world nor our future generations.

Although, Manchester and the world will never forget these dark moments. There are many sets of parents, children, and partners without a daughter or a son, parent or loved one most of all the emptiness of a best friend, this Christmas. They are held in a nation’s heart and treasured with warmth as we embrace the families and tell them that these beautiful souls will forever be our heroes in all our hearts. A memorandum and a legacy that gives each and all of us strength.

The candle of peace will light our front porch with flowers surrounding your heart tonight as we remember your mesmerizing smiles and say thank you for being the most beautiful smiles that you were.

Beauty will always live on in our world, and that’s a reality that no disillusioned soul could ever leave a scar or fear in our heart.

“No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but one thing we know is that we all loved and laughed from the heart.” – Jasmina Siderovski

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Dancing In The Rain

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Vivienne Greene

Someone once asked me, what is my favorite quote of all time?

“With all the different personalities out there, it’s challenging to share an experience without being genuinely understood or judged” – Jasmina Siderovski

Life presents us with love and hate, rewards and consequences, success and downfall, shock and plans for our future. Through it all, we learn to enjoy the heights and also release our emotions with our low’s, we care about and appreciate others and also question our attitude and our reactions from the impact these all place in our life. Regardless of their positive or negative nature, these all shape us once we stop and challenge the rational emotions in our mind.  

Human nature teaches us to experience the good with the bad, and they guide us to highlight the key notes that are in tune with our inner peace to be in a place where we learn to accept we can’t “always” control our emotions. We always don’t necessarily choose our destiny, and we sometimes are lost in the dark, being the perfect, imperfect people we are.

My favorite quote that has turned my life around, the one that helped me see and has given me purpose in my heart is that is:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Vivienne Greene

Today, I owe my gratitude to this woman who has given me peace learning to accept that life will continue to be unpredictable. It will reach its heights and lows but during it all – I was balanced to be me and appreciate, I am blessed to have a chance to be a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother, and a best friend.

These words helped shape my future to be strong when I need to and understand that it’s ok to be weak from time to time. I am learning to heal, face my fears and step back and continue to make a difference in my life, while I also make a difference in those who surround me as all these people make a difference in my own life!